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For virtually all of her life, Ellene has dedicated herself to expressing her concepts of beauty through fine art, design and the art of adornment. Self taught in the needle arts and trained as an artist from the age of five, Ellene spent some time as an art major at Washington University in St. Louis before moving to Los Angeles at the age of 19. Her first job was making custom leather clothing at North Beach Leather on Sunset Boulevard and it was there she began accumulating what would become a long list of celebrity clientele.

Following her experience in Hollywood, Ellene moved on to wait tables at a restaurant in Westwood that was very popular with celebrities. Her unique wardrobe attracted the attention of the guests she served and helped expand her custom clientele roster.

Her first boutique, on Main Street in Santa Monica, was financed by her night job as a waitress.

In 1972 she opened her second store, on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. Located across the street from the Troubadour Night Club, Ellene's window displays were seen by movers and shakers in the music and entertainment industry. From the exposure her designs received, she built a business that included the world's most beautiful women and the top names in the music, film and television industry during the 70's and 80's.

In 1988 Ellene closed the doors to her final boutique on Melrose Avenue, feeling that she had satisfied every fashion fantasy and dream she had brought with her from the Midwest as a teenager.

But Ellene's dreams were not over; they had just changed. She began a family and when her son was three, Ellene discovered she had a calling as a teacher. She started teaching religious school and also began an art and needlework program at her son's Montessori school, where she taught for the entire eight years of his attendance.

In 2001 Ellene discovered the world of "cyber knitting" when she started researching knitting machines on the net. Excited by the possibility of making her own fabrics, she pursued knitting with the same passion and dedication she devotes to all her interests, and within months had designs accepted for publication in machine and hand knitting magazines.

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