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Total number of sts to be picked up for armholes should be 102 (102, 110, 110), not 78 (78, 86, 86) as stated in the earliest version of this pattern. corrected 4/12/10

Page 4 (SIDES)

Set Up Rnd 1: With CC, continuing on Back, *knit to 1 st before CS, kfb, k1, kfb**, knit to last st, knit last st of Back tog with first st of Front and mark this st (SS); rep from * to ** once, knit to last st of Front, knit last st of Front tog with first st of this Rnd. Mark this st as SS and end of Rnd. [216 (224, 248, 256) sts


From the book Tops and Toes, published by the House of White Birches

Supply List

Beads: 440 (528) multi-colored #6 glass seed beads

Pattern Stitch

Rnd 4: *K3, SB, k2; rep from * around.


Lace Stitch Pattern (multiple of 14 sts + 7)


Back Cover (after Row 10)

Work in established pattern until there are 17 stripes of A, ending with Row 2. Crochet BO with A.



Row 3: ..... rep from * to end, ending k2.

Rows 4 – 10: Work in established k2, p2 rib.

Row 11: Rep Row 3. (2nd button lp made)

Rows 12 – 20: Work in established k2, p2 rib.


If you purchased a booklet style or download PDF pattern prior to 9/5/08 and would like a new, corrected version of this pattern, please contact us for a replacement.


All page headings should read "Adult Pansy Dress, ©2007", instead of "Child's Pansy Dress"

Page 2: 8th line from bottom, starting with "Join DV" should read: Join DV and complete as for first Pansy, ending last petal by inserting hook into 4th petal of first Pansy at space between last trc and ch-4, ch4, join in first sc of Second Pansy; end off.

Page 3: Title should read: LACE STITCH PATTERN

Page 4: Begin Body: Join MC with sl st to bottom of free petal of last Pansy made, sc in same sp, *ch6, sc in next free petal to the left....

Page 5: Setup Rnd 2: BACK LEFT SIDE: *K10, PMA**; rep from * to ** 3 (3,4) times, PMB; LEFT SLEEVE: k2 (1, 1), PMB; rep from * to ** 7 times, PMB, k2 (M1, k1), PMB; FRONT: rep from * to ** 8 (9, 10) times, PMB; RIGHT SLEEVE: k2 (M1, M1), PMB; rep from * to ** 7 times, PMB, k2 (1, 1), PMB, k2 (1, 1), PMB; BACK RIGHT SIDE: rep from * to ** 4 (5, 5) times. [308 (324, 344) sts]

...Begin knitting 11 Rnd (not Row) Lace Pattern, following chart on Page 3, working one 10 st pat rep between each set of A markers. At the same time, on Rnds 2 - 11 only of Lace Pattern, yo bet B markers closest to sleeve sts.(10 sts added bet B markers for each 11 Rnds worked)

Bind off for sleeves should be 134 (132, 132)

Page 6: line 3 ...below bound off sleeve sts by sewing tog first and last BO st of sleeve. With hook, attack DV in 2nd BO st...



Dimension of Flower

On download version, flower dimension is incorrectly stated as 1". It should be 1.75".

(corrected on all downloads purchased after 11/17/09)

Page 2: SPECIAL STITCH should read:

On knit row, insert right N into wrap and stitch, then k tog. On purl row, insert right N into st and wrap, then p tog.

Shape Toe: the words "to end" should be added after 'k' on N2 and N4. Last line should read "from CO"

Foot: N2 should have the words "to end" after 'k'. N3 should read: K1, k to last st, M1 (--), k1. [15 (16) sts];

After the directions for N4, insert For Size Large only: place 2 sts from N1 onto N2 and 2 sts from N4 on N3. Both Sizes: continue in the following manner on 58 (65) sts:

Page 3: The last line of Turn Heel should read [58 (65) sts]

Leg: N1: K7, BO 7 sts. Work Flat Pattern Stitch on rem 51 (58) sts.

1/21/08  An error in the way the heel was written has been discovered that is difficult to correct in this format. If you are struggling with this heel, please contact us for detailed corrections. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Inside front cover, last line should read:
Repeat rows 1 - 4 of pattern stitch 5 (6) times.
Inside back cover, 13th line should read:
Next row: k tbl, p1, k5, [Large Only: p2, k5] CO 2. On rem sts: *k5, p2. Repeat from * Sl last st as if to p. 37 (44) sts.

Pattern Stitch, Rows 2 and 4, should read:

Rows 2 and 4: K1 tbl, k1, *p5, k2; rep from *, sl last st purlwise wyif.

Some patterns do not include the amount of yarn in the supply list. It is 2 skeins (100 grams)
If using 2 skeins of the same colorway, half the beads should be threaded on each skein. Reserve fringe beads as instructed.
If using 2 different colorways, thread all the beads on one and use the other for the seed stitch stripes. Reserve fringe beads as instructed.

Page 3: Under "Sew Crystals" 3rd line, after "RS of flower", remove "Using bead across center of flower" It should read "pull tail through to WS...."

Inside front cover: Thumb Gusset: K18 (21, 24, 27) sts...

Page 3: Lace Pattern A: Rnd 3: *K2, yo, k1, sl2kw, k1, p2sso, k1, yo, k3; rep from *.


Finishing should read: "...in the following manner: Make 1 sc in each sc and in sc above each bead..."

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